Live Videos

'Game Show' (Doggett and Ephgrave)

The two-man stand-up duo Doggett & Ephgrave tackle the subject of game shows, at January 2014's Hitchin Mostly Comedy (23.01.14)

'Beardy Weirdy' (Doggett and Ephgrave)

Glyn and David discuss the fine art of facial hair maintenance, at Mostly Comedy (22.04.10).

'Postcards from Yarmouth' (Doggett and Ephgrave)

Doggett and Ephgrave describe their recent adventures whilst on holiday, live at Hitchin's 'Mostly Comedy' (17.09.09).

"THE BALLOON DEBATE" - Snippet One: 'Introducing Brent'.
A short clip of Doggett and Ephgrave in action (with Calogero Tumminello in tow) in the stage version of 'The Balloon Debate'.
More videos to follow shortly
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